Carbon Rili Shrimp - 10+ Neocardina dwarf shrimp
Carbon Rili Shrimp - 10+ Neocardina dwarf shrimp
Carbon Rili Shrimp - 10+ Neocardina dwarf shrimp
Carbon Rili Shrimp - 10+ Neocardina dwarf shrimp

Carbon Rili Shrimp - 10+ Neocardina dwarf shrimp

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Carbon Rili Shrimp have a distinct black and clear color pattern. They are black on the head and tail, with a stripe of clear in the center. Their dynamic coloring make these dwarf shrimp an excellent addition to your tank. 

These shrimp come from our own personal aquariums, and have been raised with tender loving care to be healthy and strong.

Item Details:

-These Carbon Rili Shrimp have black and clear banding, but keep in mind that there will be slight variations in the size and shape of the banding. The clear section also can have slight speckling as seen in the photos.

- We send primarily young shrimp ranging from .5 inch to 1 inch in size. If you have a specific preference please let us know. Younger shrimp have a greater tolerance for fluctuations in water chemistry, so they handle the packaging and shipping much better than fully grown shrimp.

- A mixture of males and females are included in each order.

- These shrimp prefer more alkaline water with a higher PH (7-8), but can do well from a PH ranging from 6-8.

- Shrimp do best and thrive when they are kept separate from fish. (Any fish that can fit a shrimp in it's mouth will eat it.)

Shipping Info:

- We package our shrimp in breather bags with a piece of Pellia moss and Duckweed for them to eat and hide in during shipping.

- In winter and summer Shrimp must be taken inside from hash conditions ASAP for them to survive, you can use the tracking number to see when they will be arriving.

- I only ship via USPS Priority Mail 2-3 day shipping on Mondays and Tuesdays, and will ship only within the United States. Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

- I will replace any DOA shrimp, if a photograph of the dead shrimp in the packaging can be provided upon opening the box. Any additional shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. (My shipping practices make DOA's highly unlikely but we do not have control over the post office employees or drivers.)

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order!


Care and Maintenance

Algae pellets, blood worms, and Mosura shrimp food are all excellent food options for these shrimp. In order to maintain pure and stable water conditions it is highly recommended to use filtered water either through the use of a reverse osmosis kit, or by purchasing it directly. Since our primary goal in our aquarium is stability, it is good to use a buffering substrate that is designed to maintain the ideal water parameters. A zeolite based substrate is deal for this purpose, I have used Amazonia Aquasoil to great success and would highly recommend it for a stable and reliable tank. 10% Water changes should be performed weekly, and the substrate should be cleaned monthly.


Easy to Moderate - Rili Shrimp are members of the Neocaridina family of shrimp and are easier to keep than their Caridina cousins.


Like all dwarf shrimp, Rilis are very sociable and peaceful tank inhabitants. Female Rilis tend to be larger, and will generally stay on the tank's substrate or decorations. When females are seeking a mate, they release a chemical that the males can detect through their antennae and will seek out. On some occasions the males can be seen swimming as a swarm throughout the tank. Shrimp are more comfortable in large colonies with plenty of surfaces to crawl on. They have what is called a thigmotactic response, which means they will become stressed if they do not have surfaces to be crawling on and touching with their many arms. Decorations or plants are a necessary part of a healthy shrimp colony.